Sonu: Sir, my wife wants to go somewhere with me for 2-5 days, she needs leave..! Boss – will not get it..!


We have come up with some funny jokes which are currently trending on social media. We are sure you will not smile reading these jokes. So let’s start this series of laughs and jokes.

Pappu was teasing a girl Pappu – how are you sonio girl – your sister’s happy condition is like pappu

Mother will give gifts to her children – those who will listen to me and will not answer at all Children – take this, then the father will take all the gifts.

The doctor was seeing the patients in the insane asylum! When he came to a patient, the patient said, “Doctor, you are better than the previous doctor…!” The doctor was happy after hearing the patient and asked me how I felt.. The patient got excited and said that you look like us.

Teacher- Tell me… which is the smartest animal? Golu- Deer.. Teacher- How? In Kali Yuga, Golu ordained Lord Ram and Salman.

Wife: Yes, bring a packet of milk from the market, if you see eggs in the market, bring six.


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