Ajay Devgan was married to Kajol, but Raveena liked Tandon, which is a big reason

Who does not know Ajay Devgan these days. This is because Ajay Devgan is one of the greatest actors of Bollywood today and Ajay is counted among the greatest actors in Bollywood. Because Ajay Devgan’s film career so far has been very successful and Ajay has made a name for himself in his career. Even today they make films, they are all hit and superhit films of the same genre. This is the reason why Ajay Devgan is counted among the biggest actors of Bollywood today. Ajay Devgan is dominating social media these days. Because recently a big anecdote has come out about Ajay Devgan’s personal life. The thing is that Ajay Devgan was very much in love with the famous and famous actress named Raveena Tandon and it was also said that both were about to get married. But this did not happen and Ajay married an actress named Kajol instead of Raveena. In this article we will tell you why Ajay did this.

Ajay Devgan used to love Raveena, the love story was famous in Bollywood

Ajay Devgan is one of the biggest and most famous actors of Bollywood today. Because ajay devgan jogi does this film, he is also very good in movies and people love him very much, so all ajay devgan movies do well at box office. That’s why Ajay Devgan has no shortage of anything today. Latest news A big anecdote is coming out about Ajay Devgan. Ajay Devgan was in love with an actress named Raveena Tandon earlier in his life but it is a big deal that he married an actress named Kajol. Ajay Devgan and Raveena Tandon’s film story made everyone crazy in Bollywood at that time and there was talk that they will get married soon. But this did not happen and due to some reason the two parted ways. In this article, we will tell you about the reasons behind the separation of Ajay and Raveena.

This led to the separation of Ajay and Raveena, after which Ajay married Kajol.

After reading the predictions so far, you will understand that Ajay Devgan is dominated by his personal life on social media. Because Ajay Devgan was earlier in love with Raveena Tandon and both were about to get married. But this did not happen and Ajay Devgan married Kajol. Because when Ajay Devgan met Kajol, he gave his heart to Kajol and started separating from Raveena. So gradually Raveena and Ajay started separating and Kajol and Ajay started coming closer.

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