Before marriage, 12 years younger Saif Ali was called home by Amrita, did the dirty work, after years the whole truth came out


Saif Ali Khan is one of the famous actors of Bollywood. Despite being a star kid, he made his own identity. Not only in films but also on Ototi, Saif Ali has done his acting magic. Although fans are not only interested in his professional life, but Saif’s personal life is also often in the news. Saif Ali Khan’s wife is Kareena Kapoor Khan. The fans love the pairing of Saif and Kareena, as well as the romance behind the screen.

Today Saif is very happy with Kareena and his four children. Kareena and Saif have two sons, Taimur and Jeh, but Saif also has two more children. Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan are Saif and Amrita’s children. Today, Saif may be living a happy life with Kareena, but there was a time when there was only Amrita Singh in his life. Today we tell you about an anecdote related to the love story of Saif and Amrita.

This is how the love story of both started

Amrita Singh has been one of the hit actresses of Bollywood. At the time when Saif was stepping into films, Amrita had become a hit in Bollywood. Amrita is older than Saif even in age, but despite this, both of them came close to each other. Before marriage, something happened between them which made their relationship even stronger.

According to the news, once Saif Ali Khan invited Amrita Singh for dinner. However, at that time Amrita refused for dinner. Although he had given approval to Saif that he could come to his house. In such a situation, once Saif went to Amrita’s house for dinner. During that time both of them talked a lot to each other and came close while talking. Not only this, both of them started romancing each other at home. It is said that Saif liked Amrita’s company at that time so much that he did not even go on shooting for two days.

separated after 13 years of marriage

After some time both Saif and Amrita realized that they cannot live without each other. So both of them got married. Being so big at Amrita’s age had no effect on Saif. Sara Ali Khan was born after marriage and Ibrahim Ali Khan was born a few years later. However, after 13 years of marriage, fights started between Saif and Amrita which continued to grow slowly. After a while, both of them agreed that they can no longer live together. So both decided to divorce.

Amrita raised both the children herself after separating from Saif. In an interview, Sara had told that it was better for her parents to stay together and be unhappy than that they got separated. After this, in the year 2012, Saif married Kareena Kapoor. Today Sara and Ibrahim go to their father’s house but they live with their mother Amrita. At the same time, Saif also takes great care of his wife and four children.


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