Diya Mirza, who was pregnant before marriage, was now worried about her husband’s gender, said this thing in front of everyone


Dia Mirza, who has made everyone crazy with her innocent acts, is facing criticism from her fans these days. Recently, a month ago, Diya Mirza, who became a bride, stunned her fans when she saw her baby bump during her honeymoon. As soon as this news reached the people, people could not stop themselves from being surprised. At the same time, some people even put the class of Diya Mirza fiercely.

It is worth noting that Dia Mirza had filled her demand on 15th of last month with her longtime partner and businessman Vaibhav Rekhi. After a month of marriage, both went on honeymoon and from there they announced their pregnancy. As soon as the matter went viral, people said that Diya had become pregnant before marriage, and because of this pregnancy she had to get married. Now Diya has clearly said that the reason for marriage with Vaibhav is not pregnancy.

At the same time, a fan asked Diya a very funny question. Fan asked “It’s great, congratulations to you”
What is the problem, if you tried to change the traditions by getting married rituals done by a female pundit, then why didn’t you announce your pregnancy before marriage? Along with this, he asked, do you consider pregnancy before marriage to be wrong? Can’t a woman get pregnant before marriage?” Since the question is valid and it has to be answered, and Diya answered it too. And that too in his own way.

Diya wrote, “This is an interesting question, first of all let me tell you that we did not get married because we are going to give birth to a baby together. We got married because we want to be together for the rest of our lives. When we were planning for our marriage, at the same time we came to know that we are going to become parents, so this marriage is not due to my pregnancy. Earlier we did not announce the pregnancy because we were not yet medically confirmed. This moment is one of the best moments of my life.

Along with this, Diya further writes that ‘I was waiting for this moment for many years. There is no reason to hide this happy news except for a medical reason.” Let us inform that Dia Mirza has second marriage with Vaibhav, before that in 2004. Sahil was married to Sanghi, but both of them separated from each other in 2019.


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