It is very auspicious to plant a Tulsi plant in the house at this time, happiness and prosperity remain in the house, it rains by the grace of Goddess Lakshmi.


Tulsi is considered a form of Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism. Regular worship of Tulsi is believed to bring blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. There is happiness and prosperity in the house. But for the positive benefits of Tulsi in Vastu Shastra, it is advised to plant it in the right direction, at the right place. But this is not enough to keep Tulsi green and please Maa Lakshmi. If Tulsi is planted at the right time, it blooms more properly. Let us know the right time to plant basil.

Plant a Tulsi plant in the house at this time

In Hinduism, every day is dedicated to some deity. But still some special days have a different significance. Maa Lakshmi gets special blessings by planting Tulsi plants on this day. The month of Kartik is the best for planting Tulsi plant at home. And it is considered very auspicious to plant a Tulsi plant in the house on Thursday of Kartik month. Planting saplings on this day brings special blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Tulsi can also be planted on Thursday and Friday in Chaitra month. It is believed that if Tulsi is planted in the house between April and June, then the plant develops well. But the plant needs special care to protect it from the sun and heat.

Do not forget this day and date and plant basil

Like the day of planting basil. Along with this, the days of not planting Tulsi plants have also been mentioned. According to astrology, do not forget to plant Tulsi on Monday, Sunday and Wednesday. Also, it should not be applied on Ekadashi tithi.


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