Malaika’s body condition became such after having a relationship with two men and giving birth to a child, the actress herself expressed her pain


Bollywood stars are known for their beauty and perfect figure. Those who are a little overweight before appearing in films also lose their weight. Seeing these artists, there is a craze about fitness in the minds of common people too. Although common people especially women think that heroines have a completely different body and they do not show any kind of mark. At the same time, there are some beauties of Bollywood who do not make any effort to hide any kind of mark made on their body.

Actually we are talking about Chhaya Chaiyya Girl Malaika Arora, whose pictures often show stretch marks. Recently a picture of Malaika has surfaced in which her stretch marks are clearly visible.

Fans were surprised to see the picture of the actress

Malaika is one of the famous actresses of Bollywood. His dance moves are very much liked by the fans. She is not seen acting in films but dancing. All the songs filmed on him have been super hits. Malaika also gets praise for her fit body. Even at the age of 48, her body is maintained and she takes special care of it.

Now recently a picture of Malaika has surfaced in which her stretch marks are visible. The special thing is that Malaika never tried to hide her stretch marks, but she flaunts it comfortably. Malaika, the mother of a son, wants to tell her fans that stretch marks are not a thing to hide or shame, but it is the beauty of women that they gave birth to a life. In this case, stretch marks are not a bad mark.

Malaika flaunts marks

Fans like this style of Malaika very much. This impudence of Malaika is often seen in dresses like shorts and crop tops. She has always been known for her cool style. Malaika talks openly on topics on which many celebs are hesitant to talk. She often becomes a victim of trolling for her dressing sense and walking style, but Malaika does not mind these things.

These days Malaika is in Turkey and enjoying the vacation. She is posting her beautiful films every day, which is being liked by the fans. From red kaftan to jumpsuit, Malaika’s style in every form is making fans crazy. Recently a video of her also surfaced in which she was seen doing belly dance in a restaurant.

Paparazzi and fans are missing Malaika here, her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor is also missing her. Arjun shared a picture and asked the fans to request Malaika to come here. In such a situation, when Malaika comes to India, she will make chutney for her. Now it has to be seen when Malaika comes back to Arjun Kapoor.


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