Pappu- Pappu beats me everyday.. Papa said- don’t be afraid son, you are the child of lion…

Every one of us wants to laugh, but in this stressful life, which is free from stress, because of that people cannot laugh even if they want to. Today we have brought some funny jokes to make you laugh, which you will laugh a lot after reading.

A donkey used to sit on the scaffolding near the temple. Seeing the people worshiping in the temple, the donkey also started worshiping God. God was pleased with the devotion of the donkey and said- “What do you want? Bhagwan – “We can’t make you a donkey twice, ask for something else.

Teacher: Tell me children, when did Vasco da Gama come to India? Tillu ji came in winter teacher – what is madness? Who said Tillu- Teacher, I swear to you… I saw the photo in the book. He was wearing a coat…

Santa: Why did you run away from the hospital without surgery? Banta:- The nurse was repeatedly saying don’t be afraid, be patient, nothing will happen.. This is a small operation! Santa: Then fear, what’s the matter? The nurse was right, Banta :- Bhauji she was saying no doctor !!!

The police knock on the door, Santa: who is knocking on the door, police: we are the police, open the door Santa – why should I open it, then the police – I have to say something, Santa: how many people are there? , Police :- We 3…!! Now Santa:- So talk amongst yourself, I don’t have time. ,

Girl to Police: Sir, a boy kissed me. Police: Then why didn’t you stop him?

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