Salman’s painful statement came, in which he said that if he had spoken honestly, he would have had grandchildren today.

Salman Khan is very famous in Bollywood these days and he is also a big fan of all the people. This is because Salman Khan is a very big actor in Bollywood and he has a good hold on Bollywood for a long time. Farman is doing this because he has consistently given many superhit films throughout his film career and has set his feet in front of the public. By the way, Salman Khan Abhishek dominates social media about his marriage and lifestyle.

Something similar is happening forever, because of his marriage, Salman Khan is going viral on social media and every answer is talking about him. Because recently a statement of Salman Khan has gone viral on social media, in which Salman says that if I had spoken my mind, then today my grandchildren would have been sitting with me. Later in this article, we will give you complete information about this statement of Salman.

If he had spoken about his heart, Salman Khan would have been sitting with his grandchildren.

Nowadays, there is hardly any person who does not know Salman nor is his fan. Because Salman has given superhit films one after the other in his entire career and has made people his fans. Millions of people follow Salman Khan on social media and all of them are his active followers. Therefore, it does not take long for every news related to Salman to go viral on social media.

Something similar has happened with the recent news as well. This news or we can say this is the statement of Salman Khan in which he said that if I had expressed my love with my first love then today I am playing with my grandson. Yes, this is true and Salman himself had said this in his Bigg Boss show. We will go into the details of Salman’s statement in Artoval later.

If Salman Khan had expressed his love, he would have become a grandfather today

These days, actor Salman Khan is dominating social media with one of his statements. He said in a statement, “Salman Khan is dominating social media due to one of his statements. If I had expressed my love for my first love, I would have become a grandfather today.” Salman’s first love is Shaheen Babu, but due to some reason the two parted ways.

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