Shahrukh Khan had sent his daughter Suhana to study in America, but the daughter


You all know Shahrukh Khan. This is because Shahrukh Khan is a very big actor in Bollywood and no one knows Shahrukh Khan these days. If so, this could be a very rare occasion. Because Shahrukh Khan has done many films in Bollywood and almost all his films have become super hit. Some of Shahrukh’s superhit movies are Dilwale, Zero, Dil To Pagal Hai and many more. Shahrukh’s fans love all the films of Shahrukh and give their love. So Shahrukh Khan has become the biggest actor of Bollywood at this time.

Shahrukh Khan is also called the Badshah of Bollywood. Recently, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan has been the subject of discussion on social media. Because recently some photos of Suhana Khan have surfaced on social media in which she is seen with a boy. In this article we will tell you who is the boy and what were Suhana and the boy doing.

Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana spends with this girl, both live in America

Shahrukh Khan is considered to be the biggest superstar of Bollywood. Because Shahrukh has given all the hits and superhit films in his film career. So Shahrukh has got a lot of love from his fans. Recently, Shahrukh Khan is dominated on social media because of his daughter Suhana. Because there are some pictures of Suhana Khan on social media in which she is seen with a girl. Shahrukh Khan has sent his daughter to study in America due to her studies. But Suhana Khan is making a lot of money in America with her father’s money and is partying almost every day. This boy attends every party of Suhane. Later in this article I will tell you who is this boy and what is the relation between Suhana and him.

Both the parties together are special for Suhana Khan, this boy

Suhana Khan is in a lot of discussion on social media these days. Because Suhana Khan’s father is none other than Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. So any news related to Suhana that she quickly went viral. Recently something similar happened. Pictures of Suhana Khan with a girl are going viral on social media. It is believed that this boy is Suhana Khan’s boyfriend. This is the reason that at present both Shahrukh Khan and Suhana Khan are changing a lot on social media and are making a lot of headlines.


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