The groom wanted to see the bride before the wedding, but lost consciousness!


When a boy gets married he wants to see his first bride. She wants to see how beautiful she looks. Some people are waiting for the grand entry of the bride on the wedding day, while some people want to see the bride before the entry. The groom thinks that when he is ready he should first see the bride.

Many such videos are going viral on social media at this time, in which the groom is desperate to see his future bride. Another such video has gone viral on the internet. As he enters the groom’s room, the groom’s room, he first starts looking for his future bride.

When the groom sees the bride, he loses consciousness and stares at her. He is amazed at the beauty of his future wife. Not only this, he comes close to the bride and then starts kissing her hand and she has done makeup.

Then stops and kisses again from afar. The groom’s happiness did not last long. Seeing the expressions on her face, it can be guessed that how beautiful the bride is looking. This video of bride and groom is going viral on social media. This video has been shared on Instagram with the name Wedding_Fairs. People liked this video very much.


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