Tourists in Bihar will now travel by helicopter, service started to promote tourism, know

Desk: Bihar has attracted a lot of attention in the tourism sector in recent times. There is some strange work being done here and there. Which can attract the attention of tourists and Bihar government will soon give a new experience to the tourists visiting Bihar in this region.

Helicopter service will soon be available for tourists in Bihar. Bihar government is preparing to start helicopter service for the capital Patna as well as Rajgir, Balmiki Nagar, Gaya, Bodh Gaya and Jamui. This experience will be completely new for the tourists. Apart from the capital Patna, arrangements will also be made in some tourist areas of the state, where tourists can reach in less time.

After two years of hard work, helicopter tourism is nearing completion. Which has got good response from the department. Standards have now been set for helicopter suppliers in the department. Only companies that meet all the standards will be given the opportunity to deliver the services. It deals with the capabilities of standard helicopters, from tourist safety to rental.

People do not have access to tourist places due to lack of information: Tourism in Bihar has a unique place in the world. Here nature has given everything in the right proportion. There is no dearth of places to visit in Bihar. But people without knowledge cannot understand it. However, over the years, the state tourism department has shown great interest in developing these places, which has attracted people to Bihar. The natural beauty of Bihar is lakes, rivers, lakes, mountains and now after taking care of them tourists will go with them every time with a new experience.

Unexpected increase in the number of foreign tourists in the last few years Talking about the statistics of the tourism department, in the last few years the number of tourists coming to Bihar has increased unexpectedly. In 2020, over 5,000,000 foreign tourists visited Gaya and Bodh Gaya, while in 2019, only 1.8 lakh foreign tourists visited Rajgir and a year ago 1.7 lakh tourists visited Nalanda.

This will further increase by adding to the number of local tourists. Bodh Gaya is visited by a large number of people from Bhutan. Tourists also come to Odhani Dam in Banka and enjoy motor boat. And you can also enjoy parachuting in the Amava lake created by the department. Helicopter services are now provided to tourists so that they can travel to many places in a single day without any hassle. Continuous efforts are being made by the State Tourism Department to make Bihar a leader in tourism.

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