Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan’s boldness could not stop, was cozy in the bedroom with boyfriend, shared this photo!

Superstar Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is famous for her cool lifestyle. Ira Khan often shares many of her pictures with her boyfriend. In this episode, Ira Khan has once again shared a romantic photo with her boyfriend, which is going viral. Ira Khan posted this photo on Instagram story.

date night bold photo

In this photo, Ira Khan and her boyfriend Nupur Shikhar are seen in a bathrobe. Fans are very much liking this comfortable style of both in the bedroom. Sharing the photo, Ira Khan wrote that matching robes, date night. He has also tagged Nupur. This photo of the couple is becoming increasingly viral on social media and people are going crazy about this bold style of Ira.

Photos of Ira’s Birthday Celebration

Earlier, pictures of Ira Khan’s birthday celebration had created panic on the internet. On the occasion of her birthday, Ira Khan was seen doing celebrations and pool parties with her friends and family in a bikini.

Ira boldly dominates

Let us tell you that Ira shares more than one hot and romantic photo of herself with her boyfriend, which becomes viral on social media within minutes. Ira also dominates with her impeccable style and hot photoshoot. Taking a look at Ira’s social media, the entire Unku is buzzing with hot photos and videos.

Speculation of Ira’s Bollywood debut

Seeing these pictures of Ira, speculations are being made about her Bollywood debut. Looking at the pictures, it is clear that Ira gives a tough competition to Bollywood heroines in terms of glamor in real life.

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