Ajay’s daughter wants to debut in Bollywood, but father Ajay refuses


Ajay Devgan is a big name in Bollywood today and there will hardly be anyone who does not know him and is not his fan. Because Ajay Devgan is in Bollywood for a long time and he has done a lot of movies in Bollywood and almost all his movies have been super hit. Ajay Devgan’s film career started in 1991 and his first film was Phool Aur Kaante which was a blockbuster film. Ajay Devgan dominated Bollywood after this film and today everyone knows that Ajay is a big name in Bollywood.

At present, Ajay Devgan has become a topic of discussion on social media and the reason behind this is nothing other than the statement given by him. Yes, Ajay Devgan’s own statement is going viral on social media in which he has said that he will not allow his daughter to come to Bollywood right now. In the next article, we will tell why father Ajay Devgan gave such a statement to his daughter Nyasa Devgan.

Ajay Devgan is a big Bollywood actor, but he wants to let his daughter come in Bollywood

Nowadays Ajay Devgan is counted among the biggest celebrities of Bollywood and Ajay is one of the top performers in Bollywood. This is because Ajay has not given all the superhit films to Bollywood and has made a name for himself. Talking about today, today millions of people follow Ajay Devgan on social media and have his fans.

It is a well known fact that Ajay Devgan is one of the biggest and most famous actors of Bollywood today. But a recent statement by Ajay Devgan reveals that Ajay Devgn does not want his own daughter Nyasa Devgan to enter Bollywood. At present, there is a lot of discussion about Ajay Devgan and his statement. In the next article, we will tell you the reason why Ajay, despite himself being a big actor, does not want his daughter to join Bollywood.

Nyasa Devgan wants to debut in Bollywood, not getting approval from father

After reading this article so far, you all must have understood that Bollywood’s great and predictive actor Ajay Devgan does not want his daughter to come in Bollywood. Ajay’s daughter does not want to debut in Bollywood. Ajay Devgan has said in his statement, ‘I do not think that my daughter should come to Bollywood for some time now. Respected at 3:00 pm, it is said that Nyasa is currently busy with her studies and if she enters Bollywood then her studies will be affected. That’s why Ajay has given such a statement.


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