Amitabh Bachchan again became a grandfather, Bachchan became a little guest in the family, became a beloved elder sister

Today there is not a single person who does not know Amitabh Bachchan or his family, everyone knows him, and everyone in his family is known, and everyone in his family is an actor, be it Jaya Bachchan. Be it Abhishek Bachchan, or Aishwarya Rai, everyone is a successful star, and everyone has a special identity, and recently the family has been happy, it is being said that Aishwarya Rai is back. Mother has become, Amitabh ji has become. If the grandfather and the news are to be believed, Aishwarya had a son for the second time!

It is being said that Aishwarya has become a mother again and the entire Bachchan family is overjoyed, and everyone is ready to welcome this little member, and everyone wants to play with her. She has already become a mother. Aaradhya, the mother of a girl and now even more happiness for Amitabh Bachchan!

Ever since Aishwarya became a mother, Aaradhya has also become a didi, and now she will soon see her younger brother as well, and will also call him Didi, and Bachchan who has become a grandfather for the second time, which makes her very happy, and Jaya Which is also very excited. , used to play with cute toys, but now she is going to play with her little brother, and will feed him toys too!

A photo was leaked on social media Actually some time ago a photo was leaked on social media, in which a child was seen playing with Aaradhya. She had another baby, actually this baby is Abhishek’s cousin, which went viral on the internet sometime back!

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