Ankita became the owner of this luxurious flat, the secret of this beauty is starting in the 8 bedroom house!

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been married for 7 months and now this couple has shifted to their new house. Ankita and Vicky’s new house is so beautiful that many pictures of it are becoming viral on social media.

Ankita Jain has recently shifted to her 8BHK flat with husband Vicky Jain. The bigger the house, the more luxurious and beautiful it is. Ankita has shared many glimpses of this new house on social media.

Ankita and Vicky have built their beautiful house in a royal style. The walls of the house are decorated so beautifully from the color of the floor to the floor that the eyes of every person who comes to the house stays at home.

The bedroom is the most special place for the newlyweds where they can spend some beautiful moments filled with love. So Ankita has designed her bedroom in a special way. From the bed to the color of the walls, it has been kept off-white.

The living area of ​​the house is also large enough that a small party can be organized easily. Ankita has lovingly decorated every corner of the area. Ankita and Vicky have named one corner of the house as Happy Place. The area has a beautiful table and chairs where both can spend pleasant romantic moments with each other.

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