Funny jokes- Papa was coming to see the girl in the wedding. — Gazab Facts

We have come up with some funny jokes which are currently trending on social media. We are sure you will not smile reading these jokes. So let’s start this series of laughs and jokes.

The love of Kallu Paan Wale and the local Kamala was going on….! Touching his father’s feet, he said… I like Kamala and I also like Kamala…..!! So what? There was a ruckus…!!

After cutting his hair, the husband returned home and said to his wife, “Look, I am 10 years younger than you or not?” The wife must have got the answer. born….!

Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework…? Pappu – it’s not my fault…. Where did you give me work… Teacher- Why?? I was given housework… Pappu – I live in a hostel so cannot do household chores!!. ,

Teacher- Titu son, tell me what is the difference between invitation and invitation…? Titu Pandit – Very easy! And what is done under the neem tree is an invitation to…!!

At the time of satsang – Saint (discourse) – one who is male in this life will be male in next life and one who is female in this birth will be female in next life…! Started doing….Saint – where will you get up like this….?

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