Govinda was ready to leave his wife in love with Neelam, played this dirty game to get an actress!


Govinda, the most versatile actor of the Bollywood industry, has given more than one superhit film in his career. There was a time when Govinda ruled the film industry and was housefull for his films. Although Govinda has been away from the film industry for the past few days, he has acted in some short films which have not done well on the big screen. Govinda has seen many ups and downs in his career. Govinda had given his heart to the famous actress Neelam Kothari while working in the film world, yet he could not marry her. Let’s know about the incomplete love story of Neelam Kothari and Govinda.

Govinda started his career with the film ‘Love 86’. Popular actress Neelam Kothari was seen in the lead role with Govinda in this film and the pair of both was well-liked. The film had performed well at the box office. It is said that while working in the film, Govinda fell in love with Neelam Kothari and wanted to marry her. But in the same year Govinda married Sunita.

According to reports, Govinda had fallen in love with Neelam, but Neelam had no such special place in her mind for Govinda. At the same time, Govinda’s mother also wanted him to marry Sunita. In such a situation, he had distanced himself from Neelam Kapoor. It is said that Govinda did not refrain from saying anything to his mother. But he could not forget Neelam completely. In such a situation, he often asked his wife Sunita to become like Neelam.

During an interview, Govinda had said, “I used to tell Sunita to change yourself and be like Neelam. Learn something from him. I was unkind and Sunita used to get irritated. She used to tell me, ‘You have fallen in love with me, don’t ever try to change me.’ But I was so confused that I didn’t know what to do.” On the other hand, Govinda had said about Neelam, “I wanted to marry Neelam and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

But she wanted a sensible, rich and good looking husband and I was not one of them. She was from upper class and I was from lower middle class family. We were different in every respect. We could not succeed as a married couple and Neelam would have understood this. Govinda himself once confessed, “I played a very dirty game with Neelam. I wanted to tell them that I am married.”

Let us tell you, Neelam and Govinda have worked together in many films like ‘Farz Ki Jung’, ‘Hattya’, ‘Khudgarj’, ‘Ilzaam’ in their career. While Govinda is happy with his wife Sunita and family, Neelam also married famous actor Sameer Soni in 2011 and is now the mother of a girl named Aahana. Govinda and Neelam were last seen together as ‘Super’. In an episode of Dancer Chapter 4 (2021) where the two danced to the song ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se’. The same fans were very happy to see this pair once again like this.


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