These actresses get married at the age of grandmother, number 4 is unbelievable!


Bollywood is often in the news due to these strange things and people are also very confused due to these strange things of Bollywood. You must have heard many times about the marriage of big and old actors in Bollywood, but today we are going to tell you about it. I will tell you about actresses who married at the age of grandmother

Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta, who is considered to be the most beautiful actress of the 90s due to her amazing acting and her look, is famous all over Bollywood for her stunning style. Actress Neena Gupta is married to famous West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. After a few days of marriage, Nina became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. His daughter’s name is Masaba Gupta. At the same time, when her relationship with Vivian ended, Neena Gupta remarried Vivek Mehra in 2008.

Kamya Punjabi

Actress Kamya Punjabi, who has worked in famous serials, decided to get married at the age of 41. Kamya Punjabi was first married to Shalabh Dang but their relationship did not last long, after which she remarried in 2020.

Mona Singh

Today everyone knows the very famous and well-known beautiful actress Mona Singh of the film world. Mona Singh got a lot of fame from the film ‘3 Idiots’. Mona Singh, who was ahead in films, was far behind in real life. Mona married Shyam Rajagopal at the age of 38.

sweet kids

Suhasini Mule, who is one of the most famous in Bollywood and has made a name for herself in Bollywood due to her talent, needs no introduction today. Actress Suhasini Mulay married Atul Guddu on 16 January 2011 last year. Suhasini Mule’s age was more than 61 years at the time of this marriage. After getting married at this age, she has become the oldest actress in Bollywood.


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