At the age of 27, Amala Paul took off all her clothes in front of 15 people and released crores of rupees in return.

Actors in the Bollywood industry are known for their bold and flawless style. These stars will do anything to make the film a hit. Many times, to earn money, these stars are ready to do such scenes in films, which people are afraid to even think about. Actress Amala Paul did the same for her film Adai. He took off his clothes in front of 15 people.

This is the incident of 2019, when the film Adai was released. Amala Paul got a hefty amount for this film. Amala Paul has given a very bold scene in the film. There was a lot of controversy about his film. Amala Paul shot a nude scene in the film, for which she took off her clothes in front of 15 people. But during the shooting of this scene, he got very upset.

“I was scared before the scene was shot,” Paul told Amala. I was wondering what would happen when I reached the set. Who will be there? Will there be security? But somehow dared. At that time 15 people were present on the set. According to the crew member, I shot this scene.

Amala Paul had said that the director had also asked her to dress up. But I refused and said that I will do this scene myself. Although the nude scene created many problems for Amala Paul. People scolded him a lot. Amala Paul was paid crores of rupees for her role in the film.

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