Dinesh Karthik’s biggest enemy will come on the field after 2 years, now will play with this team

Dinesh Karthik has managed to return to Team India after 3 years. His bat has also seen many important matches in the T20 series against South Africa. Overall, after 2 years, Karthik’s teammates will return to the field.

After Dinesh Karthik, now his fellow player Murali Vijay will also return to the field after 2 years. Murali Vijay played his last professional match almost two years ago in 2020, but now Murali Vijay will return to the field from the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) starting June 23.

Murali Vijay has also given the reason for being away from the field for 2 years. Talking to Times of India, Murali Vijay said about his return, ‘I wanted to play, but could not play due to injury. Also my personal life was going very fast and I wanted to cut it down. It is my good fortune that the Tamil Nadu Premier League understood my position and provided a good platform for my return.

Dinesh Karthik’s argument with Murali Vijay is not hidden from anyone. Actually, Karthik’s first marriage was with Nikita Vanzara, but their marriage ended only after a few years. She was pregnant when Dinesh divorced Nikita. After the divorce, Nikita married Murali Vijay.

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