Rahu’s grace will remain on these 3 zodiac signs till 2023, you will get success, you will become the owner of immense wealth!

According to astrology, when each planet changes its position, its effect on a person’s life is clearly seen. This zodiac change of planets is beneficial for some zodiac signs. And remains harmful for some zodiac signs. On April 12, the shadow planet Ketu has entered Libra. And he will be here till 2023. Let us know which zodiac sign will be beneficial for the people of Ketu’s transit.


In this zodiac, Ketu has traveled in the fourth house. The fourth house in the horoscope is considered to be the place of happiness, mother and vehicle. This time will be very good for the people of this zodiac. This time you can get a new job offer. Or it could be a promotion. Any relationship can be made for unmarried people. During this time you can also decide to buy a property or vehicle. Full support of mother will be received in Ketu transit. There is also the possibility of changing jobs. Moon stone will be beneficial during this period.


According to astrology, the transit of Ketu will be beneficial for the people of Capricorn. Ketu has entered the tenth house of this zodiac. The tenth house in the horoscope is considered to be the work area and job. So it is possible to get a new job during this period. At the same time, employed people can get promotion. Business is expected to make gains during this period. Withheld money will be refunded. There is also a possibility of buying a property or vehicle at this time. Wearing Turquoise gemstone during this time will be auspicious.


Has entered the ninth house of this zodiac, which is for luck and foreign travel. Luck will favor you this time. You will also get success in whatever work you do during this period. During this, business travel is being made, which will be beneficial. Students preparing for competitive exams can also get success. Restricted promotions and promotions may be available during this period. Financial condition may be strong. Wearing Turquoise gemstone will be auspicious.

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