Rekha has property worth crores, but no one can make this person his heir

Entire Bollywood is a huge fan these days and everyone said that they want more and have a lot of respect and appreciation. Rekha is an old Bollywood actress and she has done a lot of films in her whole life otherwise we would have gone. So the fans of Rekha are also not less and millions of people like them. Rekha has earned not only name and daughter but also money in her entire film career, so she has no shortage of money.

Rekha is the owner of crores of rupees but let us tell you that Rekha is not married yet, that is, she has no heir to this property. In such a situation, the big question is who is the owner of Rekha’s property worth crores of rupees. Later in this article we will answer this question and will not say who will be the owner of this property worth crores of rupees.

Rekha is not yet married, or is not an heir to the property, making her the owner of the property

Rekha, this name is famous all over Bollywood today and how it is known all over the country. Because Rekha is one of the biggest actresses of Bollywood and Rekha is one of those actresses who has millions of fans. This is because Rekha is considered to be one of the legendary actresses of Bollywood. Rekha said that she has done many films, so she has no shortage of money at the last moment. Let us tell you that Rekha has assets worth more than Rs 280 crore today and she likes to spend her life in a very luxurious and luxurious way and they are spending it.

Big and rich actress is being discussed on social media at this time. Because recently it has come to the fore that today there is no heir to the property of the mistress Rekha worth crores of rupees. This is because Ri Kaki is not married yet and has no children. It is being told that Rekha is making her secretary Farzana the owner of the property. Next we will tell you why Rekha is going to make her secretary the heir of her property.

Rekha can become the secretary of his crores of assets, this is the reason

Rekha, the owner of crores of assets, is going to make her secretary the owner of this property. This is because his secretaries are very close to him and have been loyal to him for a long time. Rekha has no children and her secretary is very close to her heart, so it is being said that Rekha can make her secretary the owner of crores of assets.

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