Arjun Kapoor was in a relationship with Salman Khan’s sister, now Mevani has also started liking him.

Bollywood industry is a huge industry and Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars of this industry. Salman Khan is also called the brother of Bollywood. Salman Khan has turned 56 years old and he has given more than 30 years of his life to Bollywood and he has done many superhit films. Salman Khan never married and even today he happily shares his life with his family. Let me tell you, Salman’s family consists of his parents and a sister. Salman Khan’s sister’s name is Arpita Khan. It is learned that Salman’s sister Arpita Khan is dating Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor from today and both are dating for a long time. There are many pictures on social media to prove this. We tell you a shocking anecdote that Arjun Kapoor dated not only Salman’s sister but also his daughter-in-law. Yes, Arjun Kapoor dated Salman’s sister after his daughter-in-law. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the relationship between Arjun and Salman’s sister and daughter-in-law.

Arjun Kapoor was in love with Salman Khan’s sister, both were very much in love

He is a big superstar of Bollywood today and everyone knows him nowadays. Talking about Arjun Kapoor’s personal life, he was once very close to Salman Khan’s family. Because at one time he was dating Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan and before Arpita, Arjun was also dating Salman Khan’s sister-in-law. But Arjun broke up with Salman’s sister and sister-in-law due to some personal reasons. Salman’s sister Arpita was very sad after separating from Arjun. Salman too was very sad to see his sister unhappy and Salman called Arjun Kapoor very good and bad.

The distance between Salman and Arjun increased after Salman separated from his sister

By the way, Salman Khan has always dominated social media due to his lifestyle. But recently Salman has been the talk of the town because of his family. Because Salman’s sister has recently broken up with Arjun Kapoor. After this Arjun started dating Salman’s daughter-in-law and now Arjun has separated from her. In such a situation, Salman and his family are dominating social media.

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Today the whole of India knows Salman Khan and all his big fans.

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