BJP’s attack on Agneepath in Bihar, then why Nitish is silent, now the RSS mouthpiece attacks CM

BJP's attack on Agneepath in Bihar, then why Nitish is silent, now the RSS mouthpiece attacks CM

Is everything ok in NDM?

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Politics continues on the path of fire in Bihar. The rhetoric of NDA leaders has created unrest in the government. Those who know the politics of Bihar do not consider this a good sign for NDA.

There is a huge protest against Agneepath in Bihar. This caused a huge uproar from Wednesday to Saturday, in the name of opposing the Agneepath project, thugs created a ruckus across Bihar. More than 20 vehicles were set ablaze. Railway station, toll plaza were burnt. Politics has also intensified after the riots in Bihar. Against this, RJD supported Bihar Bandh and Bharat Bandh. The attackers on Agneepath were Tejashwi Yadav and his party. Even in NDM there is no opinion on this. BJP leaders and JDU leaders are criticizing each other. Since then, there has been an atmosphere of unrest in the government. From the streets of Bihar to politics, there was uproar.

Supporters of his case are working to make the original transcript of the statement available online. BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal is targeting his own government. The National President of JDU is retaliate. Meanwhile, Nitish Kumar is silent. BJP is directly questioning his government and law and order. Now BJP’s ally RSS has also attacked Nitish Kumar in an article in its mouthpiece Organizer.

Section against Nitish in the organizer

The article claims that under Nitish Kumar’s leadership, Bihar has become the worst state in the country, crime has increased rapidly in Bihar and the jungle raj is returning to Bihar. The education system in Bihar is bad. According to an ASER report, 74% of students in Bihar schools have to teach independently. It is the highest in the country. The condition of education in schools is very bad. The state of digital education in Bihar is very bad. Even 10% of the students do not get digital education. Incidents of job fraud, forged documents, paper tearing and administrative corruption have been frequent.

‘Jungle Raj’s return to Bihar’

Bihar ranks 18th among the 19 largest states in terms of health facilities. Bihar is also the worst performing state in providing government doctors. Bihar ranks fourth from the bottom in terms of child mortality. Bihar is one of the five worst developing states in the country. With Bihar witnessing a sharp increase in day-to-day killings and looting, it is clear that it is again entering the era of Jungle Raj. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there has been a sharp increase in the number of murders and dowry deaths in Bihar in 2020.

‘All is not well in NDM’

The leaders of Nitish Kumar’s party are giving a befitting reply to the attack of BJP and allies, but Nitish Kumar is silent. Ravi Upadhyay, a senior journalist from Bihar, asks what is the meaning of Nitish Kumar’s silence. The situation of NDM regarding Agneepath in Bihar has made it clear that everything is not going well. The manner in which the houses of the Deputy Chief Minister and the State President were attacked during the Agneepath protest, there is no history in Bihar. In such a situation, if Nitish Kumar remains silent, then what does it mean, it will come to the fore in the coming few days. He also said that with the presidential election approaching, Nitish Kumar is known to take different decisions.

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