Fans asked Akshay Kumar the number of Shahrukh Khan, Akshay did something like this, everything came to mind

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest and most famous actors of Bollywood today. Because Akshay Kumar has done many films in his career so far and all the films have become very popular. Akshay Kumar has become a very big actor in Bollywood today with his heart and Akshay Kumar is very popular in Bollywood as well as all over India. So nowadays Akshay Kumar has a lot of fans on social media. This is the reason why any news related to Akshay Kumar became viral on social media. Something similar happened with a recent story. It happened that a fan asked Akshay Kumar for Shahrukh Khan’s number. Akshay Kumar has given a wonderful answer to this. We will tell you in the next article that when and where the fan asked for Shahrukh Khan’s number from Akshar and what was Akshay’s answer to it.

Fans asked Kumar the number of Shahrukh Khan, no one thought of Akshay’s answer

Everyone loves Akshay Kumar these days. This is because Akshay Kumar is doing a lot of sewing since last few years and all Akshay Kumar movies are liked by everyone and all those movies are becoming popular among the people. That’s why today Akshay Kumar travels a lot for the promotion of his films. Akshay Kumar recently came to The Kapil Sharma Show to promote his film. It is a well known fact that all the actors and actresses come to the Kapil Sharma Show to promote their films. During the search, something happened that surprised everyone. It happened that during the show, a fan sitting on a public place asked Akshay Kumar for the number of King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan because the fan wanted to talk to Shahrukh. Akshay Kumar’s reply did not surprise everyone. Later in the article we will know what Akshay replied.

Fans asked Akshay Kumar for Shahrukh Khan’s number, Akshay did it

At present, Akshay Kumar is going viral on social media and it is being discussed everywhere. Because Akshay Kumar recently went to The Kapil Sharma Show to promote one of his films. During the show, a fan asked Akshay Kumar for Shah Rukh Khan’s number and I wanted to talk to him. Akshay Kumar did not give the number to the fan, but Akshay Kumar called Shahrukh Khan. Yes you were right After all when he asked for Shahrukh Khan’s number, Akshay Kumar himself called Shahrukh. However, Mitra could not talk to Shahrukh as Shahrukh Khan’s phone was switched off. It was clear from this how big hearted Akshay Kumar was.

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