Like Justin Bieber, this TV actress was also hurt on her face, but the shooting continued for 8 years as pain!

Aishwarya Sakhuja is one of the most popular and beautiful actresses of the TV industry who has also done many popular series. Aishwarya always admired her beauty, but there came a point in her life when her beauty was noticed and half of her face fell.

Aishwarya Sakhuja was suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome 8 years back. He had no idea what was happening at that time. But suddenly people noticed a change in his face. The actors thought they were doing something in their eyes, but the actress Aishwarya stayed with also noticed a change in her face. But when Aishwarya herself realized this, she was very scared.

Aishwarya’s condition at that time was such that she could not even wash properly, so she panicked and went straight to the doctor, where she found out that half of her face was paralyzed, a disease called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. He was then treated and progressed. Fortunately, after a month of treatment, she recovered and returned to acting.

Justin Bieber is currently battling this disease. He also suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome which leaves half of his face paralyzed. So Justin Bieber did not even give concerts and performances. That’s why Justin is in a lot of discussion around the world.

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