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Munger. Munger, popularly known as Yoganagari, spreads the unique shade of Yoga Day. tomorrow is the 21st international yoga day The whole city is ready for this. There is a famous Bihar Yoga School (Yoga Ashram) here. Special preparations have been made for this day in the city. Established in 1964 at Munger Bihar Yoga School In the name of Satyananda Yoga, he promotes yoga all over the world. On the occasion of Yoga Day, not only Bihar Yoga School but the entire Munger is painted in the colors of Yoga. Yoga programs are organized at all the places from the headquarters to the blocks. People from abroad also come to Yogashram to learn Yoga.

Bihar Yoga School It has branches in 77 countries around the world. Dharmat Swami Niranjanand Saraswati, the present founder of Yoga Ashram, has been honored with Padma Bhushan and Prime Minister’s Award for his special work in the field of Yoga. Shivkumar Rungta, who has been associated with the Yoga Ashram for 40 years, says that today Munger is known not only as a state and a country, but also as a global city of yoga. Satyananda Yoga Yoga as it is known today needs no introduction. The Prime Minister’s move has been a milestone in achieving global recognition for Yoga.

Special relationship between Yoga and Munger

Yoga is not only a means to stay healthy, but Yoga Ashram has played an important role in leading a yoga life and taking this yoga to the masses. about 30 years Yoga Ashram Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sinha associated with Mukesh Kumar Sinha says that there is a deep connection between Yoga Day and Munger. When corona takes the form of a global pandemic, the most important thing in the body is to fight it immunity Should increase. Yogasanas have an important place in this. By doing yoga regularly, the immunity of the body is developed.

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People from all over the world come to Bihar Yoga Vidyapeeth to know and understand this knowledge of India.

Not only good education but also their alertness and dedication is needed the most.

Bihar Yoga School After this Munger University is also preparing to do diploma course by including yoga in its curriculum. Syllabus is being prepared for this. MU Pvt. Vice Chancellor Prof. Shyama Rai said that permission has been sought for the study of yoga in MU. after getting permission Yoga Diploma Course Will be done Today many organizations are adopting yoga to keep their employees mentally and physically fit, for which they also hire yoga teachers. In such a situation, yoga is now becoming a means of livelihood for the youth.

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