Salman Khan’s son becomes Malaika Arora’s elder son, sees Salman’s copy

You must be aware that Arbaaz Khan and actress Malaika Arora were married in 1998, with whom they also have a dear son named Arhaan Khan, although now Arhaan Khan is 19 years old and they have been married for a few years. It is reported that Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan have parted ways but they are still spending a lot of time with their son, where Salman Khan has already taken time off for his further studies. Apart from holidaying abroad, he spends his precious time with his family on this day with his parents.

Apparently Salman Arbaaz Khan Malaika Arora’s son also appeared in his uncle’s party and his photo also dominated social media, he looked very handsome in the party where he looked no less than his uncle. It doesn’t look like that. It would be wrong to say that big names may beat Arhaan Khan in future, and one thing that was noticed at his uncle’s party, Sohail Khan’s party, was that Arhaan Khan was of his stature. He is seen going to his father and is in the headlines these days.

While the pictures are going viral on social media, his photo has also gone viral on social media and Arhaan Khan was also seen in a casual dress at the party, when he was wearing a black color dress and he looked very beautiful in it. At the same time, Arhaan Khan appeared in black shirt and black jacket at Sohail Khan’s party. In such a situation, Arhaan Khan looked no less than a big actor in a black dress, while Malaika Arora’s son also wore black pants with a black shirt and everyone liked his style. He looked very handsome and in such a situation, seeing his look, it would not be wrong to say that Arhaan Khan can compete with big people in the industry in the coming times due to his looks.

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