‘She says girl during the day and with me in the night..’ Actress reveals Mahesh Bhatt’s dirty secret!

Famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt is always in discussion about his personal life. Mahesh Bhatt is considered a person of colorful mood and till now his name has been associated with many actresses. Along with this, many actresses of the Bollywood industry have made shocking revelations about themselves. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s famous actress Mira Hine has also disclosed about Mahesh Bhatt, who has made everyone crazy about her. Let’s know what the actress said.

Let me tell you, Pakistani actress Meera started her career in 2005 with Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Nazar’. He played an important role in this film. It is said that during this time Meera was going through difficult days and she was looking for work. In such a situation, Mahesh Bhatt supported her and gave her a chance to work in his film. Meera got a lot of fame by working in this film. Though his film failed miserably at the box office, it came to prominence. After this Meera got offers from many films. But because of Mahesh Bhatt, she could not sign any other film.

Meera showed user with Mahesh Bhatt

According to reports, Mahesh Bhatt did not want Meera to work with any other director. In such a situation, many films got out of his hands. Not only this, the discussion between the two had increased so much that Mahesh had refused Meera to meet any director. In such a situation, Meera gradually stopped getting work. Meanwhile, Meera signed Subhash Ghai’s film, in which Mahesh Bhatt got angry and slapped Meera in public. Recently Meera has made many revelations about Mahesh Bhatt.

Pakistani actress Mira said, “I was known to be a bold actress.” I didn’t mind doing bold and intimate scenes in front of the screen. Mahesh Bhatt wanted to take advantage of this in his films. When I was working in Bhatt’s film. Then he would treat me like his daughter Pooja in front of the world. And all I can say is that I love you so much, I love you.”

Apart from this, Meera revealed that, “Mahesh Bhatt used to talk like his daughter in front of everyone. But I used to be his wife at night. No one knows how he pressured me not to work with any other director. And if I resist, they will beat me.

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