Tell me, where is the bird in this picture? Most people won’t be able to answer!

An optical illusion is becoming very viral on social media. Optical illusion is the illusion of the eye. Yes, you will find all these reels or pictures on social media which will make you scratch your head. But solving this illusion is also great fun.

In the photo we have brought for you today, there is a small bird sitting on a tree. She hides in such a way that even if she wants, she does not get it soon. The leaves growing on the tree are visible all around, but the bird also hides in these leaves. You have to be more discriminatory in the support you provide to other people.

Everyone is trying to solve this problem by looking at the picture related to optical illusion, but few people are succeeding. First, concentrate and look at it completely, then look to the right of it, there you will see a bird. The color of the leaves makes it difficult for birds to find them.

If you can spot the bird in this picture without any trouble, then of course your eyes and mind are sharp too. In future also we will bring you a picture of such optical illusion. As always you will have fun solving those pictures.

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