Rekha has not worked in films for years, but still lives a life like Maharaniyo, from here comes money for a luxurious life, read the full news


Rekha ji lived a life like Maharaniyo, but did not earn money from Bollywood in the last many years

In today’s time, Rekha ji comes in the count of very big and famous actresses of Bollywood. Let me tell you that it is not everyone’s business to reach whatever point Rekha ji is in today’s time and this is a very big reason that Rekha ji is respected by everyone in today’s time. Rekha ji has been in the media headlines for a long time, this is because Rekha ji has not earned a single rupee from Bollywood for the last few years but still in her way of living or can say that in her lifestyle at all. There has been no change, due to which they are being talked about everywhere in the media, while their earnings are almost completely exhausted from Bollywood. Rekha lives her life in a very luxurious and luxurious way. Further, let us tell you in the article that where is the money coming from Rekha ji, due to which Rekha ji leads such a life.

Rekha ji does not get money from Bollywood but from this thing, she still lives life like Maharanios

Rekha ji is currently in the discussion in the media due to her lifestyle, this is because recently one thing has come to know about Rekha that she is earning money not from Bollywood but from somewhere else. For information, let us tell you that Rekha is a member of Rajya Sabha, due to which she also gets money from her. The government gives Rekha every month which is Rs 2 lakh and the cost of living and food. Apart from this, let us tell you that she has earned crores of rupees in the past and in today’s time Rekha ji is the owner of property worth more than 300 crores, due to which she is able to live a life like Maharaniyo.

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