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Ullu’s server went down as soon as the release of this super hit bold series, full of adult scenes

As you would know that the era of web series has come and today we are going to talk to you after a similar web series which has downed the server of! Yes, today we are going to tell about the story of that web series in this article-

Actually, the name of the web series we are talking about is Khul Ja Sim Sim! And this is a very famous thing of Khul Ja Sim Sim Ullu which is Nikita Chopra’s first web series and in this Nikita played the role of Simran!

The same is told in the story of a newly married couple and on the first night of marriage itself, Simran comes to know that her husband has a sexual problem and because of this he is unable to have a relationship with his wife, same village behind Simran. Men are also engaged, so in order to know whom Simran will take the support of, you will have to go to Ullu and watch this web series!



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