43 year old Shamita Shetty’s heart filled with Rakesh Bapat too, Shilpa’s sister kicked out of life in a jiffy

TV’s famous and controversial reality show Bigg Boss always remains in the discussion. Whether it has a season on air or off air, news related to the show keeps coming out. One reason for this is the relationship between the contestants who have come on the show so far and the relationship between them. It has often been seen that many pairs were formed in different seasons of the show, but only a few such pairs were successful.

Many contestants came close to each other during the show but their relationship also ended after the show ended. Recently, the names of Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty have also been added to this list. Shamita and Rakesh were seen in Bigg Boss OTT. During this, the chemistry fans of both were very much liked. However, now there are reports that both of them have decided to separate from each other.

Rakesh was about to shift in front of Shamita’s house.

Many contestants participated in Bigg Boss OTT. During this, the bonding of Rakesh and Shamita had become very strong. By the end of the show, both had come very close to each other. Many times both of them were also seen expressing love to each other and quarreling. Not only this, even after the end of the show, both were often seen with each other. However, it is now being said that Shamita and Rakesh have made up their mind to end this relationship here. He says that they will continue to be good friends in the future as well.

In many reports, it was also revealed that Rakesh was going to shift to the house opposite Shamita’s house but now it will not happen. Shamita Shetty is single for a long time and she is not married yet. In such a situation, when she came in a relationship with Rakesh Bapat, her fans felt that now she will become Rakesh’s bride. However, this distance in their relationship has also ended this desire of the fans. Recently, Shamita Shetty’s birthday party was held in which Rakesh Bapat was not present.

Rakesh Shamita’s relationship ended

It is worth noting that some time back also there were reports that both of them have ended their relationship with each other. However, at that time both the actors had said that these reports are false. Shamita had said – I request all of you not to spread such rumors about our relationship. Don’t believe them. Even after this, both the couple were rarely seen together. At the same time, now their paths have been separated forever.

Let us tell you that Rakesh Bapat was married to actress Riddhi Dogra but they got divorced after a few years. At the same time, Shamita also revealed during the show that when she was 18 years old, her boyfriend left her forever and left this world. After this, the friendship between Shamita and Rakesh grew a lot.

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