47-year-old Kajol wore her daughter’s dress in the midst of fashion, but when she bowed, there was a ruckus – Gazab Fact

Talent is immense in the Bollywood industry and at the same time there is no dearth of beauty. Every actress in the industry has her own style and style on which people become crazy about her. There are many actresses who impress people with their fashion and style. However, there are also those beauties in this industry who make a place in the hearts of people only with their tremendous acting and social skills. It is not necessary for them to look stylish and look fashionable at all times.

It is imperative to take Kajol’s name in this case. Whether Kajol is on screen or behind the scenes, she has never adopted a bold avatar. She is seen in a stylish avatar in films but rarely has she done bold roles. Apart from this, Kajol also wears fashionable but comfortable clothes in parties and events. However, in a party, he wore so many revealing clothes that everyone’s eyes were fixed on him.

Kajol was seen in revealing dress

These days a video of Kajol is going viral in which she is seen wearing a very revealing dress. According to the news, actress Kajol had reached a party organized on the occasion of a film’s hit. During this, Kajol appeared in a blue midi and her dress was grabbing everyone’s attention. Actually the dress that Kajol wore was quite bold and in such a situation people were surprised to see Kajol in such a bold avatar.

It is worth noting that recently another video of Kajol is becoming quite viral. In this video, Kadol is seen sitting in his car. Fans made a lot of comments in the video shared by Viral Bhayani. Although many people fat shamed Kajol. One user wrote – Where did this beer come from. Another user wrote – These people look so fit in films and like this in real life. Commenting on many users, wrote that Kajol’s weight is increasing.

Nyasa is also a victim of trolling

Surprisingly, most of the people here in our country are of dusky complexion, where even the children of stars have to listen to the truth for this. Recently, Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nyasa Devgan was also trolled for her dark complexion. Commenting on his picture, a user wrote – How much money did he spend on color complexion. Let us tell you that even before this Nyasa has had to be a victim of such trolling.

However, Kajol and Ajay take special care of their children and teach them to ignore all kinds of wrong things. At the same time, there are some fans who are waiting for Nyasa’s Bollywood debut. However, there is no information about whether Nyasa wants to appear in films or not. On the other hand, Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda are going to step into the acting world with The Archies.

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