A mountain of sorrow broke on actor Ravi Kishan, after the death of his brother, now the mother is fighting against this disease.

Actor Ravi Kishan, who has left a big mark among the people from Bogbari industry to politics, is going through a lot of difficulties these days. Let us tell you that some time ago his elder brother Ramesh had said goodbye to this world and he could not fully recover from the grief of his brother, on which another mountain of sorrows had broken.

ravi kishan parents 1

Recently, he had reported on social media that his mother is also suffering from a serious disease like cancer, while she is currently undergoing treatment at Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai. Let us tell you that due to his brilliant acting and simple personality, Ravi Kishan had made a big mark in the Bollywood industry as well, and today he has earned his name in politics as well.

ravi kishan parents

But suddenly the problems of his family made him very emotional, and he wrote the publication. While sharing the publication, he was informed that his mother had also developed a terminal illness such as cancer. Everyone was told to pray. Let us tell you that his post is going viral on social media.

Ravi Kishan’s fans praise him and wish his mother a speedy recovery. On 30 March, Ravi Kishan’s elder brother Ramesh Shukla suddenly said goodbye to the world. He himself gave this information through his social media account. At the same time, now his mother is also battling a disease like cancer, in a way, he is quite broken.

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