A young man watching an adult film saw a 13-year-old girl in a dark alley, and then….

It was evening time, a young man was holding a mobile in his hand, when an adult film came in the WhatsApp group of his friends. As soon as the young man saw the notification of that film, he could not stop himself without downloading it. He eagerly waited for the video to download. As soon as he thought of that video, his paint started to stir. Even if there was a stir, the young man had turned 25 years old and he was not married till now, nor were there pleasant opportunities written in his luck. So he had to satisfy himself with his own hands.

He had the same intention behind downloading this video. However, as soon as the video was downloaded, the young man sitting on the stairs of a closed shop in a deserted dark street took out his earphones from his pocket and started watching the video. A different mixture of restlessness and enthusiasm was stirring in his mind. Although he used to satisfy himself only after seeing photos of girls without clothes, but today he was going to take out the heat inside after watching the video.

Although the young man was good in conduct, he was a slave in the hands of lust. The full tension inside his paint could be seen in the first few seconds of the video. The body of the girl seen in the video was creating a distinct glow in her eyes. The young man, holding a mobile in one hand, was working to caress his tension with the other. Then he saw that there was a sound of someone coming in the street. His body was almost completely drenched with sweat.

The young man was surprised because it was rare for anyone to come across a deserted street on such a dark night. When he turned the light of the mobile to the right and the mobile light, he saw a girl in the flood light of the mobile. The age of the girl would be some 13 years, the bright complexion and the small bulge were also very attractive to the young man today. Seeing the small lips of the girl, the lips of the young man started drying and flaring.

Seeing the girl, the young man’s eyes gleamed and he slowly started moving forward with the intention of getting her. After going a little further, he went and hid on the wall adjacent to an empty plot. The young man looked like a wolf waiting for his prey to arrive. The young man was working to increase the tension inside his paint by thinking about the girl. At this time the young man was so gripped by lust that he could not see anything other than this. He now wanted to get this little girl in any case and quench his thirst with her.

The little girl was growing with tiny steps, and the more the young man was approaching, the thirst of the young man was increasing. The girl was only 2 yards away, as soon as the young man rushed at her at the speed of a wolf, the bells sounded in her ears at a high speed and also this word in the chorus

Ambe you are Jagdamba Kali

jai durge khapar wali

Bharati sings your praises

O Maiya Hum Sab Ute Teri Aarti

The young man was stunned after hearing this word. While standing scared, Chutki suddenly said hey Gajodhar Bhaiya. I just got scared. The young man replied in response that if you walk in such darkness, you will be scared. Actually Chutki used to live near his house, and used to tie Rakhi on every Rakhi to Gajodar. Chutki told Gajodar that Papa went to the shop and forgot to take the purse, I am going to give it to him.

Gajodar said, let me leave, while coming, I will come through the temple. Chutki nodded yes and went along. Today the young man was saved by committing a great sin. Literally a moment’s lust would ruin his whole life. The young man was not able to meet his mother’s idol in the temple today and perhaps he will not be able to meet him for the next few days.

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