Actress Nayanthara was spotted at the airport with her twin kids and husband, watch the video…

South actors like Bollywood are always in the news for one reason or the other. His fan following is also huge and fans are eager to catch a glimpse of him. At that time many actors are also seen in paparazzi’s camera and their videos also become viral on social media. Recently, South’s famous actress Nayantara was spotted at the airport with her twin children and husband.


nayanthara child

Nayanthara was spotted at the Mumbai airport with her husband Vignesh Shivan and the twins. His video went viral on social media as soon as it surfaced. One child was held by Nayanthara in her lap, while Vignesh Shivan held the other child. However, during this time the couple took full care that the children’s faces should not be visible from anywhere. The twins were dressed in identical clothes.

nayanthara child

Fans are showering lots of love on this video with Nayantara and Vignesh’s kids. But due to the way he has hidden the faces of the children, some users have targeted him. Mixed comments of people are coming on this video shared on Paparaji’s Instagram account.

nayanthara child

Nayantara looked a bit uncomfortable being clicked like this, which was also evident from her facial expressions. Despite this, he posed in front of the camera smiling. But care was taken that the faces of the children should not be visible from anywhere. Some people trolled Nayantara and Vignesh regarding this. One user wrote, “Why does it look like he is being kidnapped?”

nayanthara child

Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan married in June 2022 and became parents in October 2022 through surrogacy. There was a lot of uproar over this. In fact surrogacy is prohibited in India and a married couple can resort to it only if no child has been born for the first 5 years of marriage.


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