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Salman Khan and his entire family remain in discussion about films as well as his personal life. Recently, Salman Khan’s sister Arbita celebrated her sixth wedding anniversary. Their wedding photos dominated social media. Arbita’s relationship with Arjun Kapoor before marriage has also been in the headlines in the past.

Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan divorced his wife Malaika Arora because of Arjun Kapoor. For a long time, questions are also being raised on social media about the relationship between Salman’s younger brother Suhail Khan and his wife Seema Khan. Let us tell you that recently the Karan Core web series “A Wonderful Life for Bollywood Wives” has been released. After seeing Seema Khan in the series, many questions had arisen in the mind of the public regarding her marriage. Now it has been confirmed, in fact, after Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan’s younger brother Suhail Khan will be divorced from his wife Seema Khan. On Friday, Seema and Suhail filed for divorce in the Mumbai Family Court.

These celebrity wives came with one eye.

Karan Johar released the web series “A Wonderful Life for Bollywood Wives” during his work experience on the OTT platform. The web series featured Suhail Khan’s wife Seema Khan, Bandai’s chunky wife Bhavna Pandey, Sanjay Kapoor’s wife Mahib Kapoor and actress Neelam Kautri. Very interesting things have been shown about the personal life of these celebrity wives in the web series. After seeing these questions, questions related to the relationship between Seema Khan and Suhail Khan arose in the mind of the public. Which was continuously tweeted on social media.

Suhail Khan lives separately from his wife.

Let us tell you that in the first episode of the web series, Seema Khan is seen alone in her house. At the same time, when Suhail Khan returns home, Sheema Khan tells you that Suhail has come from this perspective. After watching this, the audience gets an idea that both live separately. Let us inform that in episode four, Seema and son Suhail seem to be Nirvana. Nirvana returns from America and sees Seema Khan’s newly designed house. After Nirvana returned, Seema Khan asked him to spend time with her. Hearing Nirvaan’s reaction, fans were convinced that Suhail Khan lives separately from his wife.

Nirvana lives with the father.

On Seema Khan’s request that Nirvana should stay with her, Nirvana replies that he will visit her later. Because of this Nirvana seems particularly annoyed. To which Nirvana celebrates them, saying, “Who keeps away from them?” It is across the road.

They will come to meet him. Meanwhile, Seema Khan is also shown telling the camera that the worst thing about her son is that she stays with his father, as she cannot see him very much and misses him very much. . However Nirvana continues to come to meet him. After this episode, the audience raises a lot of questions regarding the marriage of Seema and Suhail Khan. Many people believe that Suhail Khan and Wasima are also divorced.

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