After separating from Ajay Devgan, Kangana’s pain increased, and after separation said- A married man ……

The following fan of Bollywood actor Ajay Devjan is huge. Fans are crazy about his acting. Actor Crore has made people crazy about his acting. Most of his movies are superhero movies. Also, it does a very good collection at the box office. Let us tell you that in the career of Ajay Devjan, his name is associated with many actresses. One of these names was also of the Queen of Bollywood i.e. Kangana Ranaut. Recently the trace of Kangana has gone viral. It surprises everyone.

Let us tell you that Ajay Devjan is one of those actors who are often in the headlines. Sometimes he remains in the discussion because of his films and sometimes because of his videos. But this time around there is openness. This was done by his ex girlfriend Kangana Ranaut. Let us tell you that at one time Kangana and Ajay were in a relationship. The two met during the shooting of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. Then both fell in love with each other. After this both of them became friends and friendship turned into love. But the relationship between the two did not last long.

Actually, Kangana had become a big representative of Ajay Devjan at the time of their relationship. She did not want to see him with any other actress at all. Ajay was not impressed at all and decided to break up with Kangana. After this Ajay separated from Kangana. A few years later, in an interview, the actress said that she made a big mistake to spend time with a married man. This was his direct attack on Ajay. It is spreading very fast at the moment.

Let us tell you that in “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai”, both the actors came very close. There was a romance between the two. Which was very much liked by his fans. According to reports, Kangana received films like “Rascal” and “Tej” on Ajay’s request. ‘Tej’ premiered with actress Vidya Palan. But at the behest of Ajay, the film was given to Kangana. Let me tell you, when Kajol came to know about the relationship between the two, she was very angry.

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