After the divorce, the wife of this famous actress broke the silence, and said – drunk, she is on my side…

There is more than one artist in the Hollywood industry, who made great films. One of these artists is Johnny Depp. Actor Johnny Depp is a well-known Hollywood actor. He has made big, big budget movies. Fans like him very much. Let me tell you, Johnny Depp is in the headlines every day. Sometimes because of their films, sometimes they make a place in the headlines with their pictures. But this time their detection is wider. It has been said in this disclosure that the actor used to hit his ex-wife Amber Heard. Please tell that at present the case against him is going on.

Actually actor Amber Heard’s ex-wife had accused him of doing domestic violence with her. Because of this, Johnny filed a defamation case against his ex-wife and both the actors are currently fighting the case. Amber Heard cries while she tells the court that as soon as Johnny tries to have a physical relationship with her while intoxicated and when Amber tries to stop her, the actor hits her hard. According to media reports, many witnesses have also been brought before the court due to this allegation. Amber Heard also revealed in court when Johnny hit her for the first time.

Amber Heard says that as soon as Johnny saw the “Wino Forever” tattoo on his body and when I asked him, Amber laughed. Then Johnny got very angry and hit Amber very hard. On the other hand, Johnny’s ex-wife said that she was in marriage for a long time because Johnny had assured her not to do it again. But after that he repeated his mistake and extended his hand towards Amber. Hearing this, his fans were quite surprised that how his favorite artist Johnny Depp can kill a girl so much. while she was his wife.

Johnny’s ex-wife Amber Heard told the court that Johnny had a tattoo on his body as well. Which he made for his ex-girlfriend. This tattoo was associated with him with the name of his girlfriend Winona Ryder. After the breakup, Johnny Vino got the tattoo done. Amber said that Johnny often gets very angry after taking drugs and vents his anger on him. Let us tell you that many pictures of the court are also widely spread. Amber weeps bitterly.

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