Aishwarya Rai used to fill vermilion in demand before marriage, pictures made a clear statement

Aishwarya Rai, this name is known and loved by everyone in today’s time. This is why this name belongs to Aishwarya Rai, a big and well-known Bollywood actress, who has given many films to Bollywood so far and almost all of them have been hit and superhit, due to which today everyone likes Aishwarya so much. And respect them so much. Talking about Aishwarya Rai’s personal life, she was married to a famous Bollywood actor named Abhishek Bachchan and today she also has a daughter and both of them are living their married life in a very happy way.

In the present time, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai are very much in the media and remain a topic of discussion everywhere and this is because recently it has been revealed about Aishwarya that Aishwarya Rai was demanding even before marriage with Abhishek. Sindoor is recruited. Yes, this news is absolutely true and let us tell you in detail about it further in the article.

Aishwarya was admitted even before marriage, vermilion was in demand, big news came in front

Aishwarya Rai is a very big and well-known actress of Bollywood today and Aishwarya has done many films in her career so far and almost all of her films have been hits and superhits. This is the reason that today Aishwarya has a lot of name in the whole world and everyone likes her very much. Due to which there is no dearth of his fans today.

At present, discussions of Aishwarya Rai are being done all over the media and everyone is talking about her. This is because recently it has come to know about him that Aishwarya, who is now the wife of Abhishek Bachchan, is coming in vermilion even before marriage. This is being said because recently such a picture of Aishwarya has come to the fore, which is being seen that she is coming to admit vermilion before marriage. Sindoor is worn by married women in India and it is considered a sign of being married. In the next article, we will tell you about these pictures of Aishwarya in detail.

Aishwarya was admitted in her demand before marriage, this was the reason

After reading the article so far, all of you have understood that Aishwarya Rai is dominated in the media at the present time and this is because recently a picture of her has spread very fast in the media, which is being seen. Aishwarya used to fill vermilion before her marriage. But let us tell you that Aishwarya used to do this because at that time she was shooting for one of her films and Aishwarya had to apply vermilion in demand for that reason. One day after the shoot, Aishwarya forgot to remove the sindoor while coming home from the shoot and did this picture only. This is the reason why it is being said that Aishwarya had filled vermilion in the demand before marriage.

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