Ajay Devgan was in a relationship with these two actresses before marriage, then because of this they separated

Ajay Devgan is a very big Bollywood actor in today’s time and today everyone knows Ajay very well and respects him completely. Ajay Devgan was married to Kajol who is also a big Bollywood actress. Both Ajay and Kajol have ruled Bollywood in their time and have made people crazy about them. Ajay Devgan still rules the hearts of all of us with his acting. Ajay Devgan is currently making a lot of headlines in the media and this is because recently it has been revealed about him that Ajay was in a relationship with two more actresses before his marriage to Kajol. Further in this article, we will introduce you to these unheard news of Ajay’s personal life.

Ajay Devgan used to like Raveena, but because of this both got separated

Ajay Devgan ruled Bollywood in his time and he was loved by everyone and even today everyone likes him very much. Ajay Devgan has made you crazy with his acting even today. Ajay has done many films. At present, Ajay Devgan’s discussions are happening everywhere, but this is because it is learned that Ajay Devgan also liked Raveena Tatandan before marrying Kajol and both were in a relationship together. When the reporter asked Ajay about his and Raveene’s relationship in an interview, he refused to accept their love story and said that Raveena is his only co-worker and there is nothing between the two. After which the relationship between the two broke up and they separated. Next, we will tell you which actress Ajay used to like before marrying Kajol.

Ajay married Karisma Kapoor, but again because of this he married Kajol

Who does not know Karisma Kapoor today and that is because today she is a big Bollywood actress and everyone is crazy about her beauty. Karishma has given many hits and super hit films in her time. There was a time when the entire Bollywood public was aware of the relationship between Ajay and Karisma. Due to which his love story became the famous love story of Bollywood. But when Kajol took entry in Ajay Devgan’s life, after that the distance between Ajay and Karisma started increasing and Ajay’s closeness with Kajol started increasing. After which there came a time when Ajay and Karishma separated and Ajay Devgan married Kajol and today both are leading a happy married life.

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