Akshay Twinkle’s wife Khanna is sitting on books, some called “demonic” and then someone called “ignorant”

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are one of the finest couples of Bollywood. Fans are very grateful to this pair every day. Akshay and Twinkle are counted as a strong pair. Whenever both are seen together, the fans give examples of this couple. Again this pairing is a matter of discussion.

This time these couples are not praised but they are trolled by the fans. Actually Twinkle posted something because she again slammed Akshay Kumar for people. These days people were trolling Akshay Kumar for advertising All Masala. Till now people have got a new reason to troll him again. Akshay and Lumel are very active on social media.

Both often share their photos on social media. Recently, Twinkle has posted a picture of herself, which has become the subject of controversy. Let me tell you, Twinkle posed for pictures sitting on books. This picture of him is old, but on seeing it, there was a lot of fire in the people. Because Twinkle had insulted Vidya by sitting on the books. In these photos, Twinkle came in the circle as well as social media users were also trolling Akshay.

Beautiful actress Twinkle Khanna is standing on books. While he is sitting on a pile of books. People did not like Twinkle sitting on the books. People are very angry after seeing this act of the actress. A Twitter user named Major Sorendra Bunia shared this picture of Winkle and wrote, ‘Children ask why they ride on Maa Saraswati Devi in ​​books.

In this tweet made to the same chief Soorendra Bunia, people criticized Twinkle. A user surrounded the actress and wrote that ‘Maybe the mind must have fallen. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Because it is not a goddess but a demon. So the same other user writes in the caption, ‘Wife ji is Moody’s lover and she is his wife. One user wrote to Twinkle, inadvertently saying, “Hey, hey, ignorant.

In the viral photo, you can see that Twinkle not only sits on books, but also sets her feet on books. Twinkle made two big mistakes at once. In the year 2017, Twinkle did this photoshoot for a magazine. Twinkle was sitting on her feet on the books. For this reason, he had to become a victim of the anger of the people and has to be even today. Twinkle then shared this photo of herself with her official Instagram account, and the actress wrote a note.

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