Ameesha Patel, who plays small roles in films, earns crores of rupees like this, lived a very luxurious life

The world of Bollywood is very colorful and equally difficult. Here every Friday a new hero appears and every day a new hero comes to replace that hero. Heroines are less than heroes in the film world. There have been many artists in the industry who started off with a bang but gradually the success left them behind. Seeing these artists, it seemed that they would earn a lot of name in the industry but it could not happen.

Although the names of many stars are included in this list, but the name of the actress who is being talked about here is Amisha Patel. Ameesha celebrated her 46th birthday on 9th June. Actresses who play lead roles on the big screen are now rarely seen in films. Let us tell you what is going on in Amisha’s life these days and how she is making a living.

Career dropped from flop films

Ameesha Patel made her debut in the industry with the film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. This film proved to be a tremendous blockbuster and even today its songs are on the lips of the people. Hrithik Roshan was seen opposite Ameesha in the film. From the very first film, both the stars had made a place in the hearts of the people. However, where Hrithik Roshan became a superstar on one hand, Ameesha’s career graph started falling after a few films.

After the success of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Ameesha appeared in many more superhit films. His film Gadar also proved to be a blockbuster hit. However, after that a great flop film like Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage proved to be harmful for his career. At the beginning of her career, the heights of Ameesha’s stars fell over time. Years ago, Ameesha stopped getting lead roles and started doing small or side roles in films.

This is how Ameesha earns

Ameesha may not be active in films but remains active on social media. Talking about her earnings, Amisha does shows from place to place. Her Instagram page reveals that she has also been seen at several opening ceremonies. Apart from this, she also charges money to wish people by making video calls. Along with this, she runs her expenses by doing small events.

The reason for the fall in the career graph of Ameesha Patel was not only the choice of bad films, but also there were many controversies in her life. Ameesha Patel’s name was associated with producer director Vikram Bhatt. Both were in live in though they broke up after five years. Ameesha’s parents were not happy about their relationship. In such a situation, there were also reports that Ameesha’s parents had raised their hands on her.

Apart from this, there were allegations of check bounce on the actress. He had also filed a fraud case against his father. All these controversies had an impact on Ameesha’s career and slowly she flopped. Ameesha also appeared in a few episodes in Bigg Boss 13.

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