Anupam Kher was completely broken by the death of a friend, wept bitterly in the last journey.

From the common people to the people of the industry, the people of the industry are shocked by the death of veteran Bollywood actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik. Mr. India’s calendar has suddenly left this world. Let us tell you that Satish Kaushik had died late on March 8 due to heart attack. Before his death, he was seen enjoying a lot in Holi party.

The actor’s demise has left his family and close ones heartbroken. Something similar happened with Anupam Kher, who is Satish’s friend of 45 years. It was Kher who had confirmed the death of Satish Kaushik and had reached his Mumbai residence since morning. Kher is not tolerating the departure of his friend like this, he was seen crying bitterly in Satish’s last journey.

anupam kher on satish kaushik

Anupam Kher had confirmed the death by tweeting. Currently, a video of Anupam Kher is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which he is seen crying bitterly sitting in front of his friend’s bier.

anupam kher on satish kaushik

All the videos of Satish Kaushik’s last farewell are going viral on the internet. In one of which Anupam Kher is sitting in the hearse and is crying profusely looking at his friend. His tears are not taking the name of stopping. Anyone’s heart would melt after seeing this scene. Apart from this, Kher has also posted a couple of posts for his friend, which clearly shows how much he is missing him.

anupam kher on satish kaushik

Kher shared a black and white picture on his Instagram account, in which the two are peeping from behind a curtain. With this he wrote in the caption, “I know death is the last truth of this world! But I had not thought even in my dreams that I would write this about my best friend Satish Kaushik while alive. Such a sudden full stop on 45 years of friendship! Life will never be the same without you Satish. om Shanti!”

Anupam Kher has also shared a video with Satish Kaushik, in which he is seen kissing him. With this video, he wrote in the caption, “Death ends life…. Rishton ka nahi..” In the video, Kher is massaging his friend and he is enjoying the massage sitting comfortably on a chair.

Let us tell you that everyone in the industry knew that Anupam Kher has a very good bonding with Satish Kaushik. Both were friends of each other for almost 45 years. Both used to meet each other daily or used to talk on the phone only. Both used to talk to each other from their personal life to professional life. But now Satish Kaushik is no more in this world. Sitting in front of his bier, Anupam Kher could not control his tears.


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