Arjun has worked hard for 15 months so his condition is not like Arbaaz, and now Malaika will be happy.

Well known Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has a huge fan base. Fans are crazy about his representation towards his character. Let us tell you that Arjun Kapoor is one of those Bollywood actors who worked hard and turned their body well. The actor has been involved in body transformation for some time now. He often shares his journey with Fat on his social media. Arjun Kapoor did something similar this time. Fans are very fond of this picture of him.

Arjun Kapoor often remains the subject of discussion from his films to his love life. But this time he came into limelight. Recently his image has spread widely. This picture of the actor came on the social networking site Instagram. The viral photo has been shared from Arjun Kapoor’s official Instagram account. Huge likes and comments at the moment that rain.

If you are talking about a viral image, the image is a grouped image. Two pictures of the actor can be seen. Arjun Kapoor’s look is seen on the left side of the picture, when he used to be quite fat. At the same time, on the right side of the picture, the actor’s stomach has penetrated inwards and the six beams seem to be lighter. At the same time, all excess body fat is reduced. The actor is seen shirtless in both the pictures. He put a selfie in the mirror of his body. That fans shower on love. Common users as well as adult celebrities are seen interacting with Arjun’s participation.

With the photo, Arjun Kapoor has written in the caption that work is going on for 15 months. And I’m not going to back down. The journey of 2021-22 was very difficult. But in the end it gave a lot of happiness. Let’s say this change is 1. He is 5 years old. It was very difficult to stay on this path. But they won’t go away from it at all. These pictures are being liked a lot by the fans.

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