At the age of 15, the actor did dirty work with Rekha, the actress continued to flirt but still does it

For Indian years, Rekha, who found love by drowning the film world in her arms, once used to work as a coin in Bollywood. The attraction of her beauty was on millions of hearts and today even after many years her magic remains the same among people. However, it is also true that Rekha is known more because of differences in her personal life than she is known for her acting and her films. Ironically, their relationship was embroiled in unfinished controversies right from Rekha’s first film. Today we will tell you the same film and scandal in which Rekha is involved. The story that created so much hype in its time.

Rekha was only 15 years old at the time we were talking about. Rekha was doing her first film, and there was a scene in that film in which the actor crossed all limits on the pretext of doing so. Actually, this is from 1969, during which Rekha was making the film ‘Anjana Zero’. But due to some reason the film was shelved and then after 10 years the film was released under the name “Do Hunters”. There was also a very love-filled scene in this film, after which Rekha became a star overnight.

The reality of the scene that brought her fame is also very dark, in fact, this is the scene that Rekha Vishwajeet’s co-star tried to do with her on the pretext of photography. This has been revealed by Rekha herself in her autobiography Rekha: The Unthruth Story. It is written in this book that under the guise of the scene, actor Vishwajit Chatterjee really started flirting with her. During this Rekha was also trying to stop them, but they have not stopped yet.

This scene between Rekha and Vinshujit is said to last for 5 minutes. All the people present there were also enjoying this scene and were whistling. But Rekha was very uncomfortable with Vishwajit Chatterjee’s behaviour, and even cried after doing so. Rekha was only 15 years old at that time, while Vishwajit Chatterjee was 25 years older than her. It is said that Rekha has not been told about this scene of the film. Filmed with him fraudulently. During this, even the direct king of Nawathe did not say pieces and this scene continued.

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