At the young age of 20, Avneet Kaur made a relationship with this person, and this big secret came to the fore

Famous small screen actress Avnet Kaur has a huge number of fans. Fans are crazy about the actress’s representation of her beauty. Avnet Kaur keeps raising the temperature of social media on a single day at the age of 20. Fans are crazy about his intuition. Let us tell you that Avneet Kaur is very active on social media. She keeps sharing her hot and daring photos with her fans every day. Due to which his fans love him very much. The actress’ post showed fans showering love. Recently his image has spread widely.


Let us tell you that Avnet Core is one of those actresses who made headlines every day. Sometimes she remains in the news because of her programs and sometimes because of her videos. But this time his image is wider. Let me tell you, everywhere it was said that Avnet Core was single. They are not in a relationship with anyone. but it’s not like that. Recently, the viral photo of the actress answers all the questions about her love life. In the viral photo, Avnett was seen standing in arms with a mysterious boy in his arms. The viral photo has been shared from the official Instagram account of Raghav Sharma.

Talking about the viral image, producer Raghav Sharma is seen with Avneet in the picture. Both hugged each other from the side. According to media reports, Avnet and Raghav are dating each other. Raghav Sharma is associated with the production house (Music Poster Company). Along with this, many music videos of Avneet have also come. It is said that both were dating each other for a long time. But due to working together, the two never announced their relationship.

According to the information, Avnet and Raghav also go to meet each other. Raghav lives in Delhi and Avnet lives in Mumbai. Hence the two are often seen traveling to meet each other. It is said that Raghav’s heart first came to Avnet. Then after lagging behind Avneet for a long time, the actress also gave her heart to Raghav. Many pictures of both kept spreading day by day. This viral photo breaks the heart of Avneet Male Lover.

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