Bigg Boss has stayed at home many times, and Salman Khan himself is also a part of this racket.

There is a big fan of following in the famous show of Bigg Boss. Fans are crazy about this show. This offer is liked not only in India but also abroad. There is more than one artist in the show. Few people know themselves from this show. One of these names also comes from Orfi Javed. Actress Orfi Javid also appeared in Bigg Boss as a contestant. Fans were very happy to see him in this show. The actress had a lot of fun in the show. But for now, the revelation spreads concerning them. Where he was seen doing evil for the show.

Let us tell you, Orfi Javed remains in the headlines every day. In fact, Orphe is more in the news because of its constant sense of fashion than its representation. Orphie is often seen wearing cropped clothes on the streets of Mumbai. She often keeps raising the temperature of social media with her bold photos and videos. Nowadays, a single detection of Orfi Javid spreads rapidly.

Actress Orphie Javed has revealed that there are obscene things in “Bigg Boss”. He even said that during the show 2 hours of degrading things happened at Bigg Boss house. In fact, once they have to give a speech to avoid finishing. Because of this, he had disclosed many of these things. Who blew everyone’s senses. Fans are quite surprised to hear this revelation. Let us tell you that a video of this Orphee detection has also spread. where he was saying all this. But the video was deleted by the video makers on social media.

Let us tell you that in the past, another similar video of him has spread on the social networking site Instagram. It has been shared by Orfi. In this video, the actress is shown wearing a white dress. The blocks made in this dress were connected to each other by thread. There were huge pieces under her dress. This part of his dress was so big that his underwear was clearly visible on the camera. On one hand, the fans liked this video of him very much. On the other hand, she also had to be trolled because of this dress.

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