Bollywood actress faded in front of Tahir’s wife in terms of beauty, seeing pictures like Virat’s wife will forget

There was more than one player in the cricket industry. Who won the hearts of people with his athletic performance. One of these is the name of Imran Tahir. Let me tell you, Imran Tahir was a Pakistani cricketer. He made good batsmen just chew chickpeas on the ball under the nose. Imran was a right handed pitcher. Who was born and brought up in Pakistan. But for one reason he said goodbye to Pakistan and decided to settle in South Africa. Today in this article we will tell you the story behind it.

After leaving his country, Imran Tahir started playing for South Africa. He has bowled for South Africa in all three international formats and dusted off many batsmen. Imran Tahir was the first South African player. At the age of 39 for the country, raise the name of the country by taking wickets in the World Cup. Let me tell you, Imran is often in the headlines due to his athletic performance. But this time the reason for his being in the discussion is not his game but his wife.

Actually, recently some pictures of his wife have gone viral. where you look more beautiful. At the same time, revelations also spread. She is told how Imran married her. This was when Imran used to play for Pakistan. Imran Tahir then went to South Africa for the first time in 1988 to play in the Under-19 team. Where he met Somaya. Imran gave his heart on seeing the poisoning. But Somaya was not aware of this. Let us tell you that Somaya was a well-known model for South Africa. they are very beautiful. When poisonous pictures appear, she is compared to Anushka Sharma.

Imran Somaya missed returning to Pakistan after the match. After that he often went to South Africa. Then Somaya also came to know that Imran loves her. After dating for some time, both of them got married to each other. But they had to live together in one country. While Imran wanted to join the Pakistani team, Somaya also did not want to leave his country.

Imran then settled with him in his country and started playing for South Africa. Nowadays, Imran and Somaaya are parents to a baby boy. They call Gibran. Imran is often seen in IPL with his family.

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